Samarkand unique museums

Samarkand - is one big museum, whose exhibits represent the birth, formation, decline and revival of oriental culture, the development of architectural thought, ambitious projects of ancient rulers and creativity of many people. But besides all that, this huge museum is a place for traditional normal museums.
One such outstanding example is the museum of the history of Samarkand "Afrasiab", which collects objects and works of art found in the fort.
Another interesting museum is a museum describing the history and nature of this beautiful region.
But perhaps the most interesting museum is a museum of wine at winery named MA Hovrenko, which is a collection of wines of XX century, created from grapes grown under the hot rays of the Uzbek sun. In addition, the city has other museums, house museums of various prominent personalities of the city and the country. The Uzbek people love and revere their history, preserving its evidence in these museums.