Mausoleum of Ak-Saray

Mausoleum of Ak-Saray in Samarkand

One of the most mysterious buildings in Samarkand is the Mausoleum of Ak-Saray. Externally, it is no attractive exterior decoration is virtually absent, the dome was not completed, although there have been applied advanced architectural ideas of the time.
The reason for the construction of the mausoleum has become the crowded in the 70 years of XV century Gur Emir. Here is octagonal subterranean vault, where one is buried headless man. Some scholars suggest that this son of Ulugh Beg, who was executed after the assassination of his father.
Internal decoration of the mausoleum is significantly different from the external - on the walls, the dome you can see beautiful and colorful ornaments, as well as equipment used throughout the application of gold 'kundal.
And if you are offered to visit the Ak-Saray - do not refuse, inside is much more interesting than the outside.

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